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High and Ultra High Pressure
Water Jetting Services

Pumps Ranging From 10,000 psi to 45,000 psi

We take immense pride in maintaining one of the largest and most versatile pump fleets in the industry. Our high-pressure pump inventory spans a remarkable range, boasting capacities from 10,000 psi to an impressive 45,000 psi. This extensive array of pumps forms the backbone of our operations, empowering us to excel in high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting services.

Moreover, our commitment to excellence extends beyond just the pumps themselves. We offer a comprehensive suite of accessories designed to optimize performance. From cutting-edge auto-lancing systems to advanced 3D cleaners, our repertoire of accessories complements our pump capabilities, ensuring precision and efficiency in every operation.

As an ITE Certified On-Job-Training (OJT) centre, we conduct in-house training programs for hydro-jetters and high-pressure pump operators.

Our service offerings are distinguished by a meticulous selection of water jetting methodologies, pump systems, processes, highly skilled personnel, strict schedule adherence, swift mobilization, and continuous availability for 24/7 operations.

Types of Services : 


Surface Preparation ( Remove existing coating, rusts, and contaminants )

Tube Internal Lancing ( Clear choked and clogged tubes of heat exchangers, heaters, condenser )

Cleaning Internal Vessels ( Clean and Clear residues and coatings ) 

Internal Pipe Cleaning ( Clean and Clear by Self-Propelling nozzles ) 

Cold Cutting ( Cutting non-metallic materials ) 

Our Work

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