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Total Flange Assurance (TFA)
Programme Services

Special Flange Torquing Services

Total Flange Assurance Programme is a comprehensive service designed to ensure the proper assembly and tightening of bolted joints in various industrial settings, such as during turnarounds, shutdowns, daily maintenance, construction processes, or any other interventions that require bolted joint management.


This program is crucial for industries where secure and reliable connections are essential for safety, efficiency, and operational success.Our core focus is to provide assurance and peace of mind to our clients regarding the integrity of their bolted joints.

We provide expert planning, inspection, and quality assurance to guarantee that these joints perform reliably and safely, whether it's during routine maintenance, construction, or any other phase of your operations

Expertise and Experience 

Proper Assembly and Tightening

Customised Solutions 

Quality Assurance 

Services We Provide:


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