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We specialize in the meticulous design and precision manufacturing of top-tier heat exchangers and air fin coolers according to international code standards.

Our manufacturing programs encompass the design and production of these essential parts, ensuring they meet the quality and regulations demanded on a global level. ​


Our comprehensive services cover everything from start to finish, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Our Strengths:

1. One-Stop solution for Fabrication and Installation 

2. Certificate Holder of ASME "U", "S" and NBIC "R" Requirement

2. Ready stocks of tubes for immediate use

4. In-house team of drafters and welders 


Drawing from extensive familiarity with a diverse range of boilers and heat transfer equipment, we cater to a broad spectrum of industry demands. This comprehensive capability allows us to craft heat exchangers with intricate designs and precise configurations, meeting diverse project needs efficiently.

Products We Manufacture :

Boiler and Boiler-Related Equipment ( e.g. Superheaters and Economizers ) 

Sub-components and Replacement Parts ( e.g. Headers and Boiler Tubes )

Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Related Structural Works 

Extended Surface Tube Manufacturing 

Helical Steel Finned Tubes ( Solid Plain Fins and Serrated Fins )

Tension Wound and Embedded Finned Tubes

Bimetallic Tubes


Product Design & Manufacturing Services

One-Stop Solution for Fabrication and Installation

Our Work

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